to park

The office of OOMPH, Ponsonby Naturopath.

OOMPH is located at
1 Maidstone St, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Here’s an image of what OOMPH looks like:

There's good parking at this Ponsonby Naturopath.

We’re the far right in a block of (four) terraced buildings — next door to Aroha Healing.

You can park behind the building of this Ponsonby Naturopath

If you’re coming from Great North Road (from East Auckland or the North Western Motorway) — we’re the first place on the right, but there’s parking around the back. There is another house/business (#7a) after the terraced building — the carpark driveway is to the left of this. (It’s wedged between this and a black commercial building).

Drive all the way back behind the terraced houses, and park in number 13 or 14. Walk back out the main entrance to the front, or down the little alleyway down the side of OOMPH. (There’s no client access from the back sorry!)

PS: Please don’t worry about blocking the mini/minis in — they live here at OOMPH 😉